Four private bungalows are set in a tranquil lush green garden

We are Arjan and Denise. Our Gili Nyepi adventure began in 2012.

We met in 2003 when Denise was travelling around Asia. Denise arrived in Gili Trawangan on a big boat sailing from Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. She stayed in a hotel managed by Arjan.

Denise visited Arjan regularly in the following years while continued managing her fashion design studio in the Netherlands. Later, she decided to quit her career and moved to Gili Trawangan.

We were inspired to open a boutique style B&B for local and foreign travellers. We built the bungalows ourselves. The initial design were sketched, literally, on a napkin. We received helps from kind workers along the way: brick-makers from Pomenang, carpenters from Sesele, and builders from Gili Trawangan. The materials, from cement to nails, wooden beds to bedcovers, pillows and plants, were transported from nearby Lombok Island. We started with four bungalows and a well. A yoga and meditation studio was added later on.

In the early years of Gili Nyepi, Gili Islands weren’t well-known for holidays. Nowadays, as The Lonely Planet calls it, the islands are Indonesia’s dreamiest destination. Its spectacular views – white sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and marine life – as well as, of course, the friendliness of people living here attract many visitors each year.

The name of Gili Nyepi is derived from Balinese New Year which means “day of silence, reflexion and meditation”. We want Gili Nyepi to become a home for our guests while exploring the beauty of Gili Islands.

Running a sustainable B&B has been a great adventure. It was a learning curve but we really enjoy the experience. Plus, we’ve met many fantastic guests, and that makes it worthwhile.